Monthly Archives: February 2021

PAID IN FULL! — Hospital Surgery Bill for Janieth Pace III

PAID IN FULL! YWAM Antipolo Volunteer staff, and Kitchen Manager, Janieth Pace III, completed her goiter removal surgery and will be returning home today! All bills have been PAID! Praise the Lord! Now, six months of medicine and monthly checkups and she should be good to go! [An estimated] $600 to $700 will still be […]

Fundraiser for Janieth Pace III – our Staff and Kitchen Manager

Janieth has been saving, and raising money for her GOITER REMOVAL surgery this February 2021. She completed the surgery and is expected to return back to our Center for recovery. As of the morning of the 24th February, she has doctors fees of over Php100,000 ($2,000+/-) remaining. We are waiting for the doctor’s “payment plan” […]

Demolition of Old Lecture Room & Old Dormitory in April 2021

After over 60 years, the original building which has been used for Lectures and Dormitories, is scheduled to be torn down between April 5th and 22nd, this 2021. Pastor Bernard Flores, and his volunteer team will be doing the demolition and will keep all the torn down materials as payment. There will be no re-building, […]

Discipleship Training School begins 3rd Week

The Discipleship Training School, led by Maricel Encina, got started on the right foot last January 24th, and is now into their 3rd Week of Lecture Phase with the topic of: WORSHIP. The DTS has five men and three ladies, along with three staff total: Maricel Encina, Grace Pace, and Jonathan Graham.       […]