Online Zoom Meetings

Nearly all around the world, executives, managers, and leadership, has had to adapt to new forms of communication models for conducting meetings. Missionaries are no different.

Missionaries, and other non-profits, such as ourselves, have taken advantage of online zoom meetings. The online zoom meetings, for one thing, have saved a lot of money and time since members who are scattered hundreds of miles away can simply meet by simply turning on their computer.

For us in the Philippines, many of our national, regional and base leaders are often a full day away by airplane, boat, bus, car, or taxi. Some of them are even farther, requiring up to three days of travel for an average round-trip meeting. Often it is more tiring, just to travel back and forth to the meeting, than the actual meeting itself!

The Philippines is made of over 7,000 islands. It’s not like you just drive across the city for a leader’s meeting. You can easily spend as much as $100-$200 for plane tickets and $50 for taxis to and from airports – only for a 10 hour meeting!

Of course, nothing can beat the advantages of face to face, personal, in the same room, meetings, eating together, coffee, etc, but nevertheless, the technology of zoom meetings is only a dream come true when we were still back in the 80’s and 90’s before internet was available to the masses.

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