LOVING YOUR JOB: Today, while sitting in the perfect spot at the bank for a good 20 minutes, I had an excellent side view of three bank tellers and one manager, during a peak time of customer transactions.

I could see so much activity going on at once. All of them were multi-tasking, handling multiple transactions, and incoming phone calls all at once — The numbers, the counting, eye movements, reading computer screens, deposit and withdrawal slips, checks, double checking, signatures, writing, typing, putting papers in order, money counting machines, answering questions.

All of them were alert, engaged, sharp, attentive, like brain surgeons with papers, numbers, counting, balance, changing, calculating. I observed so many details as I had nothing to do but wait.

I imagined how the brain is like a super computer with much info coming through the eye gate at one time, with choices, actions, decision making, and problem solving, happening all at once.

The lighting and angle from my position was picture perfect in watching the eye balls, from a side view, of one of the tellers, rapidly moving from position to position with multiple focuses going on, even subliminally, as she opened her work space latch for an incoming manager, without even needing to look to find the release handle. They were on fire!

Every worker in that room knew their job, and raced to clear the room of all transactions and all customers. Their confidence, skill, expertise, ability, knowledge of their job, was off the scales! I was both impressed and in awe.

I can walk away with a hundred illustrations from this morning, with more to come, as I ponder on it more, but one thing, at least, that I enjoyed, was how fulfilling it is to watch any person, that knows their job well, do it great!

Not everyone loves their job, but when you do find people that not only love their job, but have mastered it like a rock star, it’s fun to watch.

I was in no hurry today. Watching these bank tellers “perform” was like watching a movie, stage play, athletic event, obstacle race, artist, actor, professional, singer.

As I awaited the resolve of my own papers, in which they found, identified, and fixed, one small mistake with a number on one of the lines, I felt more like a patient watching brain surgeons prepare, more than a customer, simply in a bank.

Someone once said,

“If you find a job you enjoy,

you will never work another day in your life.”


Unless these bank ladies are good pretenders, they really give the appearance they enjoy their jobs. I’m sure they get home at night, get ready to sleep, and while laying there, say to themselves, “You know, I did great today. I love my job. I know I’m good. I have no concerns. Everything is fine. Good night, Lord…”

Have you found your dream job? Are you excited about waking up, going to work, and bringing the smack-down in your work space?

Say this prayer:

“Father God, Thank you for making all the arrangements for me to be where I am at this season, and point, in history. Inspire me, empower me, enable me, prosper me with all that I need, to hit the mark of my high calling in Christ Jesus. Let all the investments of my hands multiply in many directions. In the name of Jesus, Amen”

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