YWAM Antipolo — all systems, “Go!” following Typhoon Rolly

Typhoon Rolly put us all on alert as we faced a Category 5 Typhoon #RollyPH on November 1st. By the time, the typhoon had crossed numerous landings, it seemed to run out of destructive steam upon reaching close to Metro-Manila and decided to leave the country heading west. We dropped from Category 5, to 4, to 3, 2 and 1 by 8PM on Sunday night.

Nevertheless, the staff the center did initial preparatory cutting of branches of trees that could be hazards if/and when, the storm would arrive. By the time the prep-cleanup was completed (around 5pm), the storm was giving obvious evidence of not being a deadly factory. By 8pm, all was quiet.

On other fronts, YWAM Naga had some damage, and YWAM Albay (both Bicol Region). The worst casualties came from some washed out Barangay Communities in the Abay area. First hit, Catanduanes Island has zero casualties but over 222 homes either completely destroyed or partially destroyed.


Antipolo YWAMer cleaning up



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